Discover the Delight of Coronation Mayonnaise

Indulge in the exquisite flavours of our Coronation Mayonnaise, a vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free condiment designed to elevate your culinary creations. From enhancing the succulence of kebab marinades to lending a delectable spread to sandwiches, our versatile Coronation Mayonnaise promises to be the perfect accompaniment to every meal.

Coronation Mayonnaise: The Ultimate Fusion

Treat in the exquisite taste of Coronation Mayo, meticulously crafted to perfection. Made with premium ingredients and infused with delicious curry powder, our mayo elevates your dishes to new heights. Whether you’re preparing chicken sandwiches, wraps, or pitas, Coronation Mayo adds a touch of flavourful goodness to every bite.

Delicious Recipes with Coronation Mayonnaise

Coronation Chicken Sandwich

– Spread Coronation Mayo generously on slices of fresh bread.

– Layer thinly sliced cooked chicken breast, lettuce, and tomato.

– Top with another slice of bread and enjoy a delicious and satisfying sandwich bursting with flavour.

Coronation Chicken Wrap

– Spread Coronation Mayo on a soft tortilla wrap.

– Add shredded cooked chicken, sliced cucumber, and grated carrot.

– Roll up the wrap tightly and savour the delightful fusion of flavours with every bite.

Coronation Mayo Chicken Pita

– Fill a warm pita bread with Coronation Mayo.

– Stuff with diced cooked chicken, chopped lettuce, and sliced red onion.

– Drizzle with extra Coronation Mayo for an extra burst of flavour.

Quality Ingredients, Unmatched Taste

At Aria foods, we pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients to create our premium products. Our mayonnaise is made with water, rapeseed oil, egg yolk powder, sugar, salt, mustard, vinegar, and a blend of spices including curry powder, onion, and garlic. Each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure superior quality and taste in every jar.

Nutritional Information

– Energy: 243kcal

– Fat: 23.4g (saturated: 1.62g)

– Carbohydrate: 10.80g (sugar: 5g)

– Protein: 0.90g

– Salt: 1.5g

Versatile Ways to Enjoy Coronation Mayonnaise – Loads of Options

Coronation Mayonnaise is not just limited to sandwiches and wraps. It’s also great as a marinade for kebabs, a dip for chips, or a topping for takeaway meals and burgers. With its creamy texture and rich flavour, Coronation Mayo adds depth and character to any dish, making it a must-have condiment in every kitchen.

Experience the delightful fusion of flavours with Coronation Mayonnaise. Whether you’re a fan of chicken sandwiches, wraps, or pitas, our vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free mayonnaise is the perfect choice for adding a burst of taste to your culinary creations. Try Coronation Mayonnaise today and elevate your dishes to new heights of deliciousness.

Coronation Mayo recipes

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