Try Our Chipotle, Coronation, Caesar, Pesto, Garlic, Cajun &Peri-Peri Sauces

– We offer a wide variety of delicious flavoured mayonnaise sauces are available in differently sized buckets and tubs.
– Our products are created to the highest standards of quality and safety
– Our product range is affordable, with bulk discounts available, save more with our mix and match boxes!
– Fast, efficient delivery throughout the United Kingdom
– We can provide bespoke products for your unique requirements
– Excellent customer support, contact us today for any enquiries about our products
– Our ambient stable béchamel sauce comes with one year shelf life and is suitable for parmesans, lasagnes, sandwiches and toasties
– Diversify your sauce choices for your restaurants, takeaways, pubs and home
– Try our smoky and spicy chipotle mayonnaise
– Use our Chinese red mayonnaise for your chicken kebab marinade
– Our end user tubs come with long shelf life and allergen declaration
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– Our catering mayonnaise products are designed to meet your requirement in all aspects of taste
– We, as an individual manufacturer of our different sauce tubs are proud to make your restaurant, pub and takeaway life easier by supplying you our ready-made sauce in tubs (individually, in boxes or in pallet) to just take them out of the box and sell them with good profit margin to your customers like selling a can of pop to your customer.
– Our tubs are the most common sizes in most of catering takeaways, pubs and restaurants and have been designed in a way meet your health and safety requirement in terms of product allergen, product ingredient information and Best before date.
– Your product safety is our top priority without worrying about allergen issues given by some shop owners to the customer and do not say what is inside the tub.
– With our sauce choice, you can diversify your take away food taste from our milder taste of garlic and coronation to our more spicy sauce like peri-peri sauce.
– Our cajon mayo sauce can be used to make a nice chicken kebab or can be severed on your other dishes with our unique cajon taste
– Our Coronation mayo sauce is great with your takeaway food with a curry taste to your choice.
– Our Caesar sauce is great with your salad as well as your own food taste with cheesy and nutty taste.
– Our pesto mayo sauce is great diversity to your taste with a herby and garlic and cheesy taste.
– Our béchamel sauce has a smooth spreadable texture that can be spread easily on parmesan and also can be used to make macaroni cheese or lasagne at home or in your restaurant, takeaways or pub.

– Ariannaise Ketchup-Mayo Sauce
– Bechamel Sauce
– Caesar Mayonnaise
– Cajon Mayonnaise
– Chinese Red Mayonnaise
– Chipotle Mayonnaise
– Coronation Mayonnaise
– Garlic Mayonnaise
– Mayonnaise
– Peri-Peri Mayonnaise
– Pesto Mayonnaise

Yes! We can create fully bespoke products designed for your specific needs, whether that be a specific mixture of ingredients, quantity of product required as well as custom packaging and labeling.

For a free quote and to discuss your requirements, please visit our Bespoke Products page!

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